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The Art Of Foolish Oak Design

Foolish Oak Design is steeped in the ancient art of iron age Celts. We develop simple, powerful designs on a variety of practical and well… foolish items. Each year we choose 4 design themes and produce a limited release. Custom designs are available, and once the contract is complete the artwork is never used again.

This year we have "Birds of Prey", "Huntsman", "Goddess", and "Triskele". Spring 2005 "Birds of Prey" was inspired by an iron age shield currently in the British Museum. This shield is believed to be a ceremonial shield offered as a sacrifice by the ancient druids. The art of the ancient Celts has little of the more commonly known knotwork and flourishes of later Irish Celtic and Christian Celtic works. The iron age Celts had a more organic style, closely tied to the sensations and motions of natural things: animals, insects and plants.

The artist, Rob, has a special connection with this design. His wife was in labor with his first son late last December. In order to find some distraction he poured himself into this work. Some months later, he realized that he had drawn two protective adult birds circling a head-down baby bird in its protective egg.. This work represents the ancient Celtic season of rebirth, the beginning of the cycle of the year, as well as the fierce warrior spirit of the iron age Celts.